Catholic New Media Roundup Episode 2

Father Jay Finelli in his natural habitat

Songs: Nick T Productions: Your Will be Done ,
Paul Camarata Saint Song

Justin Stroh: I like Being a Catholic

Shownotes: Ductape Family’s Excellent Boston Vacation

Zina and Jeff Liss: Catholic City with Zina and Secrets of Battlestar Galactica
Father Jay Finelli, the iPadre.

2 Shrines visited:

Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine in Fonda NY

The Shrine of St. Theresa, The Little Flower of Jesus: Nasonville RI. (Maintained by the Finellis).

Geeky Stuff: Plurk, 4marks,

I’m a Catholic Celebrity at 4marks, but the network has some hitches.

The Curt Jester’s: I plurk, therefore I am. Over 400 replies so far.

Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester celebrated his 6 year Blogging anniversary and 100 books so far this year.
Paul Camarata’s 100th Saintcast.

  1. This weeks Carnival was hosted by Joe Wetterling at Ho Kai Paulos :

    1. The theme of this week’s blog carnival -is “I love being Catholic!” It featured contributions from 13 Catholic Bloggers.
      The carnival starts with a theme song “I like being a Catholic” which is an embedded video from a Catholic Video Sharing Site: called
    2. What is there to love about being Catholic?
      We have Love.
      Not cuddly, comfortable wuv, but real love – what C.S. Lewis once wrote “could easily be mistaken for ferocity”. Real, intense love leads us to the true meaning of worship.
      We have a mission.
      “We are called to love. Called to give. Called to hope.” In fact we have The Mission, set for us by Christ, to make disciples of all the nations.
      And from there, it needs to spread out at every moment. Being a part of the Body of Christ is not a part-time job. We are called to be All Christian, All the Time
      We have help on that mission!
      We have a loving Mother.
      Christ suffered for us, and Mary suffers with us. How can a mother not feel the pain of her children? And not reach out to help them when they need it?
      And we have a loving and just Father.
      God has every hair on our heads counted and keeps our best interests in mind, even when they aren’t how WE planned things. God loves us. We can count on that, even When Things Turn Out… Differently,
      And our God is just, even when the meaning of that is hard to grasp.
    3. This week’s Catholic Carnival will be held at Organ-ic Chemist ( To enter is easy, just pick a post from your blog and email the information below to by 10:00 PM EST on Monday evening.
      1. Click here for a reminder of what the Catholic Carnival is, courtesy of the Carnival Keeper, Jay at Living Catholicism. A handy-dandy submissions form may be found by clicking here. In addition, a list of past and future Carnivals may be obtained by clicking here.
      2. Facebook users: Join the Catholic Carnival group and keep up there as
        well (it provides a way for members to socialize and interact). Just
        search for “Catholic Carnival” in the groups tab on Facebook.

        Also consider hosting a Carnival one week – it’s fun and rewarding
        without too much work. The Carnival is better when it travels around
        from one Catholic blog to another. For more information, just email me
  2. Highlighting other blogs. Catholic Ipod Another great resource for finding great Catholic audio.


1) Divine Mercy Podcast:

2) Catholic Radio 2.0
– brand new to me- looking very good. Serious but high energy and funny.

Should I set up a directory of Catholic resources. What form should it take?

  1. Send me your feedback, podcast, blog and website promos ideas etc… on the blog at by email at or by calling 206-337-0611.

  2. I’m going to tag links on the show on using the tag catholicroundup and the date of the show ie) July15 so people can find the links we mention.

  3. Thanks for listening to the Catholic New Media Roundup.

  4. Theme Song: Lost in Christ (©) Bryan Murdaugh

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