Catholic New Media Roundup 10: 3 R’s– Rosary, Rosary, Rosary

SQPN has started their giving campaign by giving their community new SQPN Forums

Plurk has a vibrant Catholic community– I challenge Father Ryan, Josh and Father Chris from the Catholic Underground Podcast to try it again for a solid week.

Interview with Susan Bailey, The Princess of all Media: Sung Rosary Project:

My daughter and I prayed the rosary together at eucharistic adoration using vrosary– a rosary program for Palm handhelds and phones.

Freeware Palm: Virtual Rosary v4.1.0

On the blogs:

Promo For Christus Vincit: The Blog

Woohoo: A blog Promo– and it was easy to find too– Brian posted it to the sidebar of the blog– a very good idea for bloggers and podcasters.

If you’re a Catholic Blogger who would like to have an audio promo for your blog I’m willing to act as a matchmaker between Catholic bloggers and podcasters who would be willing do do a short audio promo for blogs. Or if you are a Catholic blogger with audio equipment, you could do one yourself and send it to me– <cough> CurtJester </cough>

Paul’s Men Podcast

100th Show Report

  • Two Edge Talk— Episode 90
  • On the U: Episode 97–
  • Catholic Underground: Episode 88– They released one in between the time I recorded and released this podcast.
  • Catholic Blog Carnival: Is on week 197 and fast approaching their 200th blog carnival. I encourage all Catholic bloggers and podcasters to make an effort to submit to the 200th blog carnival and get to know some of the amazing Catholic bloggers who regularly submit to the Catholic Carnival. Living Catholicism: What is the Catholic Carnival?
  • Thomas Peters, from the American Papist has reached his 4000th post on the American Papist blog. Wow! He is branching out into video and he has just launched a weekly newscast of Church News on youtube. His first episode features, headlines from church news, satirical commentary in style of Colbert Report and an interview with Archbishop Chaput of Denver. The American Papist team have put together a highly informative and entertaining show centered around news of the Catholic Church. You can find it at . His blog is at
  • Vote for Thomas Peter’s blogging scholarship
    Thomas Peters is in the running to win a $10000 student blogging scholarship. You can help him by voting for him (“Thomas Peters”) in the 2008 student blogging contest.

Podcast Awards: Voting is now closed. The lower 20 Category Winners will be announced on Sunday Nov 9th at 4pm Pacific at

CNMR Big Question this week: Do you use tech (ipod, book, ebooks) to assist in meditation at adoration? How and why?

Music in this episode was by Susan Bailey, from the Sung Rosary Project:

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Bonus Content: Thomas Peters: AMP News from Youtube.

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  • Kerry  On November 14, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! I was listening on my way home from work, and it made me smile 🙂 I’m looking forward to the soundseeing from Bl. Kateri’s shrine, too.