Catholic New Media Roundup 11


1. Announcing

2. Rant– on people putting Christmas trees up in early November.  My personal goal to experience Advent before 12 days of Christmas.

Check out

3. Announcing Catholic New Media Advent Calendar

4. Soundseeing from Blessed Kateri Shrine– Fonda NY

5. Brand new Catholic Podcasts: Irish catholic sermons, talks &music

Bryan Murdaugh’s Modern Psalter Blog and Podcast

The Last episode of the Rosary Army Podcast


On the U
is on Episode 99.

200 Episodes for Santo Del Dia podcast  Spanish podcast (Saint of the Day).  Congratulations

200th Blog Carnival:  Join in the Fun

The Carnival will be held back at Just Another Day of Catholic
pondering ( To enter is easy, just
pick a post from your blog and email the information below to by 10:00 PM EST on Monday evening.

Blog name
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Please forward this to any other Catholic bloggers who might be

Also consider hosting a Carnival one week – it’s fun and rewarding
without too much work. The Carnival is better when it travels around
from one Catholic blog to another. For more information, just email

Song by  Bryan Murdaugh :  All in the family.

No promos this week.

CNMR Big Question: How are you and your family observing the season advent during the busy month leading up to Christmas?

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  3. Let’s not forget about K7 Days. On the 7th, 17th and 27th of the month send some feedback to a blogger or podcaster.
  4. Theme Song: Lost in Christ (©) Bryan Murdaugh

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