Catholic Roundup Episode 65: We’re on a mission from God

  1. We’re on a Mission from God: Catholic Roundup Mission Statement
  2. Catholic Roundup Big Question What’s your mission Statement?
  3. Feedback from Dee. Catholic Vitamins Promo
  4. Interview with Chris Padgett
  6. Be My Everything by Chris Padgett
  7. Promo: Catholic Radio 2.0
  8. Catholic Roundup Digest idea and feedback from other podcasters
  9. The Catholic Music Express Promo
  10. Baby Report:  Congratulations to Dale and Heather Price on the Arrival of Elizabeth Christina Price.  Dale Blogs at Dyspeptic Mutterings and Catholic Dads.
  11. Celebrations:  Bryan Murdaugh is releasing his new Album Twenty-Nine at NCYC, the National Catholic Youth Conference in Kansas City from November 19-21.  Song:  Glory
  12. Bryan and his ministry partner in the 5thousand, will have a booth at NCYC.  They can provide a complete youth retreat experience.  You provide the kids and the space, they provide all the talks, music and activities.

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  2. Theme Song: Lost in Christ (©) Bryan Murdaugh

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