Support a Catholic Podcaster in November

Over at, Matthew Warner is just wrapping up a very successful Support a Catholic Speaker Month, where nearly 100 Catholic bloggers submitted profiles for 100 Catholic speakers.

I would like to declare November as:  Support a Catholic Podcaster month.   For most Catholic podcasters and bloggers, creating new media is a labour of love. We gain much satifaction from the comments and feedback of our listeners, and by the support of our listeners in helping grow our audience by recommending it to others.  Voting for a podcast on has proven to be a very effective means for helping a podcast reach a larger audience.  Beginning November 1, I would like to encourage as many people as possible to vote for Catholic podcasts over at  The way it works is that you can vote for as many podcasts as you would like, but you can only vote once monthly for each podcast.   It is my hope that we can have all Catholic Podcasts in the top 20 in the religion and spirituality category and maybe can get a few in the overall top 10 on   This simple effort has the potential to increase the profile of Catholic podcasts and expose them to a much larger audience.  And if you are feeling generous, you can vote for the Catholic Roundup as well.
To vote for a podcast on Podcast Alley, you need to give them an email address.  They will email you a confirmation link, which you have to click on to confirm your vote.  If you don’t get the confirmation email, check your spam folder.

To make it easier to vote for podcasts on podcast alley, you can register for a free account on podcast alley.  Once you are logged into podcast alley, you do not have to go through the email confirmation step when you vote.

For your voting convenience, here is a list of Podcast Alley Voting links for a number of Catholic Podcasts.  Clicking on these links will take you directly to the Podcast alley voting page.  If you know of a Catholic Podcast which is not on this list, send me a link to its podcast alley profile page or its podcast alley id# and I will add it to the list.
Happy voting.

  1. Catholic In a Small Town
  2. iPadre Catholic Podcast
  3. The Catholic Family Podcast
  4. Catholic Spotlight
  5. Catholic Roundup
  6. Catholic Moments
  7. The Saintcast
  8. Good Catholic Sermons– Father Charles Pope
  9. Catholic Rockers
  10. Technopriest
  11. Lino at Large
  12. Verbum Domini
  13. St. Anthony’s Podcast
  14. Catholic Music Express
  15. The Daily Breakfast
  16. Catholic Under the Hood
  17. Saint of the Day
  18. Catholic Underground
  19. Catholic Radio Weekly
  20. The Catholic Hack
  21. Heart, Mind and Strength
  22. The Catholic Foodie
  23. Divine Office
  24. Pray as you go
  25. Our Catholic Life
  26. Hands and Feet
  27. Life On Fire
  28. Catholic Insider
  29. Word on Fire – Sermons of Father Robert Barron
  30. On the U
  31. American Catholic Radio
  32. The Mr. Joe Catholic Show
  33. The Catholic Creativity Podcast
  34. Relevant Scout Radio
  35. Catholic Family Journal

If you are a podcaster, please take some time to play the audio promo for Support a Catholic Podcaster Month on your show.

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  • Scarborough Dude  On November 1, 2009 at 7:28 am

    I’ve just barely recovered from cancer awareness month- but having friends with cancer gave me pause and reflect back on how important it is to get behind this disease that can be beaten. But OMG – support a Catholic Podcaster month! Why- in Heaven’s name! Sorry- almost forgot I’m an atheist – why on earth!? I thought it might be a joke, along the lines of Monty Python – 40 years now eh… But no, it’s not. Then I realized no, this is for real- and I ask why why why!!!? Surely this kind of message will just encourage other religious factions to do the same-only LOUDER! Would your God really ask for this? Would Christ, in all his wisdom, ask you to do this in His name?

    Okay, I have no right be be here- I’m not on your team. I was raised an Anglican- so that would make us close cousins, except I turned my back on the church when I was 13 and saw thru the hypocrisy Look, I don’t man to be nasty- Sean, I like you- I loved it when you announced ‘I’ve found my tribe!’. What sadden me is this movement simply divides the tribe – Catholics vs. non-Catholics. Jesus man, come on! Divisions are what hurt us. This is the saddest thing I’ve seen today…

  • Adoro  On November 1, 2009 at 9:26 am

    Scarborough Dude, it’s not this post or this idea that’s so sad. It’s your complete refusal to tolerate the fact that others have faith. What does it hurt you? How is it divisive for ANYONE to post on what they believe? Don’t YOU? As you did right here, right now? I’m saddened that you’ve turned your back on God and have decided to reject Him. But then I guess the division doesn’t come from those who continue to believe, but from those of you who militantly refuse to allow us to do so in peace. I hope you’ll reconsider your accusations and perhaps be a bit more tolerant to those of us who simply want the same rights you hold so dear. Thanks.

  • Aleigh  On November 1, 2009 at 9:38 am


    Get OVER IT and GET A LIFE! I am tired of atheists getting their knickers in a twist. Get over it. Its harmless and ties in with the Support a Catholic Speaker. This is not going to start some religious civil war.

    Have a nice day!

  • Sean  On November 1, 2009 at 9:56 am


    I too am saddened by your comment but for differing reasons. One of the great strengths of New Media is that it enables niche communities to find and support each other across vast distances. I strongly support the right of anybody to use these tools to build community: whether your interests are popular culture, knitting, restoring old tractors, or yes– sharing one’s faith amongst like minded people. I’m sure you’ve heard me state when at podcasting conferences that, “I’m not here to tell you about JEEESUUUSS”. We have all had the experience of people who have been pushy or insensitive in prosthetizing to others. I strive not to be like that. I do however mention my faith based podcasting experience at secular podcasting conferences because alot of what I do here at the Catholic Roundup can be applicable to anyone who is trying to support and foster an online community. It appears that I have had a very different experience of the Catholic Church than you. In it I have found community, a means to live a righteous life, purpose and a loving God. If you ever wish for me to share that experience with you, let me know.

    I recently wrote a vision statement for the Catholic roundup. It states in part: “To support and encourage Catholics who are endeavoring to use new media tools to spread the Good News.” The purpose of Support a Catholic speaker month is not to divide but to get the members of the online Catholic community involved and to reach out to others who may be interested in finding out more.

    It’s clear that you are not the intended audience for these messages. If you find mere mention of the Catholic Church to sadden you, by all means, don’t read this blog, don’t follow me on twitter. It won’t hurt my feelings. I remember when we first met, you said that your podcast was not everybody’s cup of tea and it did not bother you if others did not listen. Ditto here. I wish you all the best.

  • Aleigh  On November 1, 2009 at 10:15 am

    I find it utterly fascinating that secularists, liberals, and atheists who toss around the word tolerant are the most truly intolerant of all.

  • Colin Principe  On November 1, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Scarborough Dude: “I don’t mean to be nasty” Umm too late. Where did being an atheist mean that you stop being nice to other people? Sean’s probably one of the nicest guys out there and you took the time to treat him this way, in a public forum no less?

  • Fr. Jay  On November 1, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    This is very sad! But the reality is that those who insist on “tolerance” are not willing to be tolerant toward Catholics or others who do not agree with them. God bless him! I have nothing against him, don’t even know him. Fits the last line of today’s Gospel! You’ll know it if you were there!

  • Fr. Jay  On November 1, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    By the way. Thank you Sean for your constant support. It’s what helps us all keep going. And as you and anyone who listens to the show, I’m not afraid to tell it as it is, even if others don’t like it. That is my kind of love. I want to know the Truth, because He is my hope! God bless you and all who are such a blessing in the lives of us who podcast – you are the ones who enrich us with your love and friendship!

  • Cdn Podcaster  On November 2, 2009 at 1:32 am

    I have to admit, I much prefer your K7 Days initiative since it was about showing direct support for one’s favourite podcasts/podcasters, not bum-rushing a single genre of pocasts, some shows of which the voters may not even know.

  • Mr Jerry Kohlbrand  On November 6, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Let me see….

    Catholic Roundup
    Musings on faith, life, and new media from a Catholic perspective…….

    Am I in the right place? HELLO….ANYBODY HOME??? Hum.

    Ya see…I am just a little confused, so please excuse me if I have entered into the wrong place.

    It sounds to me, like what Sean is trying to do for this month, is….ROUNDUP CATHOLICS!

    Ok, I am good with that, since if indeed I am in the right place, well…makes sense given the name on the door. Now, if he had an Atheist Roundup “sign” on the door, then i may give the first comment the time of day, but since it is divisive unto itself, I cannot give an weight or merit to comments made, that are CLEARLY self-serving and literally have nothing to do with the “heart” behind trying to bring people together, which is what I see as the “heart” behind this effort!

    “bum-rushing a single genre of podcasts”

    Beginning November 1, I would like to “encourage” as many people as possible to vote for Catholic podcasts over at

    Here again, it seems to me that Sean is pretty diversified, and wanting to focus on one aspect of what he does, well…guess that is his business, not ANYONE ELSE’s! I mean, if we are adults here, then we can accept the invitation to be involved, or not. But to see it as “bum-rushing”???

    Sean, I think this is something that you need to follow your heart on. I would “encourage” you, TO NOT, give much/ANY thought to negative thinking, that others would try to put on you here. Ya know, if I am reading this right, and the “heart” behind this effort is to “encourage” Catholic podcasting, and for the much needed audience to listen, then how can this not be a “good” thing? Just may be, a “God” thing!

    Ok, think I am going to ROUND UP some CATHOLICS and get them over there to vote. That is my choice to help ENCOURAGE and PROMOTE Catholics to do, well ANYTHING! 🙂

    In Christ, Mr Jerry Kohlbrand
    aka BroJer


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