Catholic Roundup Digest of Advent Links

My friends Bob and Mark at the Canadian Podcast Buffet have declared December 1 as the Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting.  I thought I would take this chance to release an episode of the Catholic Roundup Digest and share some other advent resources online.

The gang over at has a very nifty online advent calendar which includes daily contests to win great prizes including a grand prize of an ipod nano.

Over at the Curt Jester, Jeff Miller explains the Real Meaning of Advent.  Here is a bit of his post.

Being that this is the first week of Advent I thought it might be useful to give some information about this season. Advent is a shortened form of the the word Advertisement, of course you probably already knew that. This time of year we get blasted by advertisements day and night to buy gifts and to attend sales. There are some groups that contend that Advertisement actually starts on Black Friday and that this is in fact the first day of the Celebration that merchandiser consider Good Friday. During the season of Advertisement we are suppose to be of good cheer for some amorphous reason that is never quite mentioned. Rumor has it that it all leads up to the event of some child born a while ago that takes place on Christmas Day. Who this child was is not important just that we should know that the season is all about family and buying stuff.

Head on over to for Jeff’s complete satirical explanation on the history of Advent.

There are a number of online Advent Calendar videocasts where each day a people post a live videos of opening the door on their advent calendars.

My daughter and I particularly enjoy watching Grant’s Advent Calendar at and Olivia’s Advent Calendar at

And don’t forget to join us each day at for our Catholic New Media Advent Calendar, featuring daily guest contributions from Catholic new media producers from all around the world.

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