Quick facts about the blogs selected for the Vatican blogger meetup

This weekend the Pontifical Council for Social Communications published their invitations to 150 Catholic bloggers to attend the Vatican blog meeting on May 2.  They received over 750 applications and selected 150 bloggers from across the world.

Notable English bloggers include Father Roderick Vonhögen from SQPN, Lisa Hendey from CatholicMom.com, and Katrina Ebersole, from the Crescat. Congratulations to all 150 bloggers who were selected to attend this meeting.

It is a great honor for all the bloggers who have been selected, but more than that, these blogs represent a world-wide cross section the variety of Catholic blogs available.   I inputted these blogs into delicious and google reader for easy subscribing.   You can find the whole list in my delicious links at http://www.delicious.com/ductapeguy/vaticanblogmeet2011 .

The 150 sites represented come mostly from Europe and North America with one Tamil language blog.   This could be partially due to the fact that there is was very short notice to apply for this event and for bloggers to arrange to get to Rome.

The breakdown by language is as follows.  There are 17 languages represented on the websites, with Italian (41) being the most predominant, followed by English (32) and Spanish (28).


Over the next few days I am planning to sort through the blog list by blog type, vocation and theme. These blogs represent a great cross section of blogs from across the world. They will also be wonderful “Go To” sites for on the ground coverage of Pope John Paul IIs beatification and the blog meet from Rome.

I have also done my regular google reader bundle for Vatican Blogmeet 2011.

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