Catholic Roundup 101

Welcome to Episode 101 of the Catholic Roundup Podcast bringing you news and celebrations from the online community of Catholic podcasters, bloggers and musicians.


1) Our condolences to Katherine and Mac Barron from the Catholic in a Small Town  podcast.  Last week, Katherine’s mother passed away after a long struggle with brain cancer.  Katherine shared the loving eulogy she gave at her mother’s funeral on the Catholic in a Small Town blog.  Our prayers go with their whole family.

2)  Congratulations to Mike and Beth Spellacy from the Secrets of Babylon 5 on SQPN and the Tightrope podcast, upon the arrival of their 5th child, a daughter named Joy.  Our daughter’s middle name is Joy and I hope you receive as much joy from your Joy as we have from our Joy.

3) Catholic musician, physician, and blogician, Russ Rentler and his wife Deborah celebrate the 8th anniversary of their return to the Catholic Church on April 30.  In honor of this occasion, they have posted a special podcast on their Crossed the Tiber blog.  This occasion also gives me the chance to play Russ’ song, The Way to Emmaeus– not that I need an excuse to play his music.

4)  This week the Crescat posted an amazing and personal blogpost entitled, Sometimes being Catholic is so very hard…, in which she reflects on how writing allows her to connect with other Catholics and challenges her to grow in her faith.  I feel the same way about podcasting.  Great Job Kat.


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  2. Theme Song: Lost in Christ (©) Bryan Murdaugh

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  • russ  On April 29, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    Dear Sean
    Thanks for highlighting our story and music! I hope and pray that it does bless your listeners, God bless