Catholic Roundup 105: Catholic Speaker Month, Spotlight on Chris Padgett


In 2009, Matthew Warner spearheaded a very successful  Support a Catholic Speaker Month, where he enlisted 100 Catholic Bloggers to write about 100 Catholic speakers.  This year, Brandon Vogt, the author of The Church and New Media, is hosting Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012 with the same premise.

From Chris Padgett FacebookI signed up to do a profile of Catholic musician, author and speaker Chris Padgett.  Chris is a convert to the Catholic church who used to front the contemporary christian band, Scarecrow and Tinman in the 1990s.  Since his conversion to the Catholic Church, which he recalls on his now dormant podcast, Chris has released 5 solo albums, has earned his masters in theology at Franciscan University, and is working on his PhD.  He has  3 published books,  Wholly Mary Mother of God, Spirituality you can LIVE with, and Not Ready for Marriage, Not Ready for Sex.

Chris’ most enduring passion is as a teacher and lay evangelist.  He is a dynamic speaker, full of warmth, humanity, humour, and clearly on fire for Jesus. On the Talks page on his website,  Chris has outlines for over a dozen talks he has presented on love and marriage, chastity, spirituality, Marian theology, men’s spirituality, and youth talks.  A number of his talks are available from Lighthouse Catholic Media.

For this episode 105 of the Catholic Roundup Podcast I shine a spotlight on Chris Padgett with an interview we did for Catholic Roundup 65 in 2009, a sample from his talk, Get to Know the Mother of God, on Lighthouse Catholic Media, and a new interview recorded today.  I also play a couple of his songs, Be My Everything and You Can Hold My Hand.   Enjoy.

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