Catholic Roundup 109: Hello Goodbye

Today, December 1, 2013 is the Canadian National Day of Podcasting. The organizers of the National Day of Podcaster ask present and former Canadian Podcasters to release a show on December 1.   It seemed like a good enough occasion to do a Catholic Roundup Podcast after over a year absence.


What have we been up to?

Sean has written 47 songs and a novel in 2013:

Sean’s songs from February Album Writing Month

Sean’s songs from the 50-90 Songwriting Challenge

Sean and Sarah’s Nanowrimo Blog

We got a New Trailer and spent half of  the summer camping in it.

Sean won a contest to be a CNE official Blogger

Sarah Got an Altar Server’s award

Shoutouts to:

Father Roderick for Episode 900 of the Break

The Crew of Catholic Weekend for their 200th episode.

Daniele Rossi released a book based on his experiences hosting the Stuttering is Cool Podcast.

Sean can be found sometimes guesting on the Steampunk Chesterton Podcast.

Feature interview with Chris Weitzel from the Life on Fire podcast and Steampunk Chesterton Podcast recorded in April 2012.

Songs: From Sean’s February Album Writing Month project– Forevuary:  Love Never Fails and Praise and Exalt, and The Duct-Tape Song.

A brief reading from my  Nanowrimo story– Time for the Fair.


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