40 Days

The Catholic Roundup Online Day of Reflection on March 28, 2009 was a great success. We were joined at our home by about 7 people with about a dozen in the Ustream chatroom online at any given time. You can find recorded video of several of the talks on our Ustream page.

The day began at 8:00 am with virtual coffee and breakfast and Catholic Rock music.

At 8:30, we prayed the liturgy of the hours, Morning Prayer from DivineOffice.org. Divineoffice.org provides the liturgy of the hours in ebook and podcast form in another of platforms including the iphone. Thanks to Dane, Chris, Denise and Greg for their wonderful ministry.

1 Download/Listen to our Opening Remarks and Morning Prayer

At 9:00 we had an inspiring talk by Deacon Bill Carson from my home parish. His talk was so well received that he came back for another unscheduled talk after lunch.

2 Download/Listen to Deacon Bill’s first talk.

At 9:40 We played a Catholic Game Show by Josh Cade from Tech Tips for Catholics. Thanks, Josh

At 10:00, Catholic Rocker, Lay Minister, Husband, father, and lay minister Bryan Murdaugh gave a dynamic and inspiring keynote address. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, we do not have a recording of his talk.
At 11:00 Prayer Reflection by Artyi. Artyi is a novice lay Benedicting in Great Britain. Sean and Nancy recorded her two reflections: Lent with the Desert Fathers, and The Benedictine Effect.

3 Download/Listen to Artyi’s reflections.

11:20: Talk By Gina Grech. Gina Grech has been involved in the Charismatic Renewal and parish ministry for over 35 years.

4 Download/Listen to Gina Grech.

At 12:00 we had a bit of a lunch break but kept the chatroom open while we played some Catholic Rock music.

At 12:30, Deacon Bill Carson returned for his second talk of the day.

5 Download/Listen to Deacon Bill Carson’s Talk #2.

At 1:00 we prayed the Sorrowful mysteries of the rosary using Susan Bailey’s Sung Rosary Project. We had some difficulties streaming the videos of the sorrowful mysteries over ustream, and endured a computer crash midway through, but we persevered. The videos for the sorrowful mysteries can be found on youtube here:

1st sorrowful:
2nd sorrowful
3rd sorrowful
4th sorrowful
5th sorrowful

At 2:00 Deacon Tom Fox led us through 3 reflections entitled, Who Do You Say I Am? Deacon Tom pre-recorded the first two reflections then led us through his final thoughts in a live phone conversation.

Download/Listen to 6 Deacon Tom Fox’s talk.

We concluded the online day of reflection by praying the Stations of the Cross with meditations by St. Alphonsus Liguori as recorded by Father Z from the amazing blog and podcast, What Does the Prayer Really Say?.

At 4:00, we had some short final reflections, then everyone at our home went to mass at our home parish.

Thanks to everybody who presented and participated in the Catholic Roundup Online Day of Reflection. As well as hosting, it was my Lenten retreat and I was inspired and nourished by the great talks and times for prayer. My special thanks to Nancy who handled the in-house hostessing and to Daniele Rossi from the Stuttering is Cool Podcast, who helped me with the technical side of producing the stream and monitoring the chatroom.

I have prepared a promo for the online day of reflection. Listen/Download here.

Feel free to pass it around, play it on your podcast, etc… If you are interested in joining us during the online day of reflection on March 28 or would like to help planning or presenting during the event, please head on over to our Google Group at http://groups.google.com/group/catholic-roundup-group.

The music in the promo is Hail Mary by Acid42 aka Lionel Valdellon. He composes both liturgical music and Acid Jazz. Check him out.

In 2007, I did a Lenten blog and podcast project called 40 Days of Catholic Media. This project evolved into the Catholic New Media Roundup, and then simply to the Catholic Roundup. During Advent, I coordinated the Catholic New Media Advent Calendar. Following up on the idea, here is a re-run of 40 Days of Catholic Media from 2007.

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