CNMC 2010

The third annual Catholic New Media Celebration took place in Boston on August 6-8, 2010. You can view the Keynotes and Workshops on Ustream on the SQPN ustream channel.

Jeff Geerling prepared an excellent roundup of post CNMC podcasts, pictures and posts on the Archdiocese of St. Louis Office of Web Development blog.

During the conference and the weeks to follow, conversation on social media networks used the hashtag #cnmc , Greg Willits spearheaded the use of the #cathmedia tag for general use when discussing Catholic media.


During the CNMC I asked various people to record the prayers and reflections on the mysteries of the rosary.  I’m pleased to offer here the first set of mysteries in the CNMC Online Catholic Community rosary.  Listen closely to hear the voices of familiar/ and not so familiar bloggers, podcasters and people producing Catholic media.  I was honored to have Cardinal Seán O’Malley from the Archdiocese of Boston begin the rosary with the Apostles Creed.  Thanks to all who participated to make this rosary a special celebration of the online Catholic community. CNMC Rosary- The Credits

Download/Listen to the CNMC Rosary:

The Joyful Mysteries

The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Glorious Mysteries

The Luminous Mysteries

Here is CatholicRoundup’s presentation for the CNMC digital gallery.

CNMC Attendee Websites

Here is a listing of blogs, podcasts and websites by CNMC attendees.  You can click on the blue circle to import the opml file for the whole category into your favorite podcatcher or blog reader.  If you are attending the CNMC and would like to have your site(s)  added to this list just drop me a note into the comments section or to listing the sites you would like mentioned.

I maintain the lists through the bundles feature of Google Reader and post them using opml.
If you want to subscribe to the Bundles in google reader, here are the links: CNMC attendee podcasts and CNMC attendee websites and blogs.

Today I added the lists to the sidebar on the right of this page. You can add these listings to your own blog or websites with these handy codes. Just cut and paste the html below into your website or blog sidebar.

For CNMC attendee podcasts, the code is: </p> <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p> <p>
(If you cannot see the code above Click Here ).

For CNMC attendee websites and blogs, the code is: </p> <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p> <p>
(If you cannot see the code above Click Here ).

* bonus points. If you don’t like the pink in the embed codes, you can change the color name in the script to blue, slate, khaki, or green.

CNMC Attendees on Twitter
I have created a Twitter List of CNMC attendees. You can find it at
Stephanie Weak @angelsteph has also prepared a cnmc twitter list at

To find out more about the CNMC you can listen to this CNMC FYI Infomercial podcast hosted by a number of SQPN Podcasters.

Pat Gohn from the Among Women Podcast on SQPN has produced not one, but four CNMC MMX audio promos for use on your podcast, blog, webpage, or radio show.

CNMC MMX Audio Promo 1
CNMC MMX Audio Promo 2
CNMC MMX Audio Promo 3
CNMC 2010 Audio Promo 4.

Who should come to the CNMC? by Pat Gohn from the Among Women Podcast.

Video Introductions
Daniel Smrokowski from the Special Chronicles podcast is going to the Catholic New Media Celebration in Boston in August. He prepared this video introduction to share with CNMC attendees.

Are you going to the CNMC? Send me a short video calling card like Daniel did. Just shoot a short 1-3 minute video introducing yourself, your websites, and telling a little about why you are going to CNMC. Then post the file to youtube, flickr or another video hosting site. Finally send me the link to I will add it to this page so you can get to know all the fine folks who are going to the CNMC.
Here is the video intro I prepared a couple years ago for Podcamp London.

The past 3 years, I’ve gotten into the habit of creating video promos for the Catholic New Media Celebration, which is occuring this year in Boston on August 6-8.

I created a video promo for CNMC MMX using the Google Search Stories creator.

Here is my 2008 promo, with slight updates.

Mp3 of the CNMC Blues

Our 2009 promo was a parody of ‘Is Anybody Going to San Antone?’ Adam Hendey helped out on flute recorded by his mom, Lisa Hendey begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting ( ). Dan Harms from Popple provide a tasty guitar solo. ( ). My always supportive wife and daughter helped shoot the video and make cameo appearances.

Mp3 of People are Going To San Antone

Zina from the Secrets of Battlestar Galactica made this video promo for the 1st CNMC in 2008.



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