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Catholic Roundup 104- Happy Birthday to us…


Shownotes for Catholic Roundup 104 1. Yesterday was the  5th anniversary of the start of the blog which became Catholic Roundup:  Welcome to A Catholic Canadian August 23, 2007 – 11:25 am 2.. Interview with Justin Stroh about his new digital album O Sacred Heart available on Itunes. 3 🙂 Baby Report: Matthew Warner from Flocknote and Fallible Blogma and his […]

Catholic Roundup 100


Yesterday Capt Jeff from the Airline Pilot Guy/Catholic Pilot podcast and former host of Catholic Weekend took time out from coordinating the annual SQPN podcast marathon to guest host episode 100 of the Catholic Roundup Podcast. Jeff turned the tables and interviewed us about faith, family and Catholic media. Deacon Tom and Dee Fox from […]

Catholic Roundup 96


Shownotes for Catholic Roundup Podcast episode 96 Celebrations: Congratulations to Deacon Tom and Dee Fox for producing 100 episodes of Catholic Vitamins. Congratulations also to Greg and Jennifer Willitson releasing episode 100 of their Catholics Next Door podcast of highlights from their Sirius XM satellite radio show. Feature Interview with Catholic blogger Joe Sales. Promos… and Catholic […]

Letters from Rome

Sorry for the long delay between podcasts.  We did record a podcast about 10 days ago but we had technical difficulties with the audio.  We have been really enjoying a family camping vacation in the Rockies. Until our next podcast, please enjoy, Letters from Rome, a talk I gave at the PAB2011 conference on June […]

Catholic Roundup 90- Callified!


  I found myself awake very early this morning and I also found Jerry Kohlbrand aka Brojer from Bro Jer’s Blog and online.   Together we offered our morning prayer for everybody affected the Earthquake in Japan today.   Then we recorded a podcast discussion on one of his favorite sayings– “God does not call […]

40 Days of Catholic Media– Where’s the conversation?

Hello Joe, Joe, Paul, Nancy, Daniel, Deacon Tom, Dee, Bob, Jerry, Sandy, Lisa, Maria, Lisa, Father Jim, Father Jay, Judy, Leticia, Sarah, Owen, Patrice, Edgar, Justin, and Gina, and everybody else joining us. I mention you by name because you have expressed an interest in joining in 40 Days of Catholic Media or I have invited you along […]

Pardon Me, you seem to have a spot on your forehead

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent, our annual six weeks of prayer and pennance in preparation for Easter.   At Wednesday Mass, the priest makes a cross of ashes on each person’s forehead and remarks,  “Remember, O man, that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.”   The […]

A Cancon Advent Reflection


This is one of 2 advent reflections for today. Also check out Two Advent-ure Stories by Judy Ferguson. A Cancon Advent reflection from Sean McGaughey I have 4 or 5 boxes containing a couple hundred Christmas novels, picture books, and anthologies gathered from gifts, thrift shops and garage sales over the years.  Each December 1, […]