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Tired Parents Talking Chesterton Episode 01

What’s this?   A Catholic Roundup podcast episode after almost 3 years.  Yes and no.  A couple weeks ago Geof Tan posted on facebook that he downloaded Chesterton’s books and was going to start. reading them.  I let him know I was interested and we decided to read The Everlasting Man together.  This is a […]

Catholic Roundup 109: Hello Goodbye


Today, December 1, 2013 is the Canadian National Day of Podcasting. The organizers of the National Day of Podcaster ask present and former Canadian Podcasters to release a show on December 1.   It seemed like a good enough occasion to do a Catholic Roundup Podcast after over a year absence. Shownotes: What have we been […]

Catholic Roundup Episode 108


Over the past few months, I have been refining the focus of the Catholic Roundup to a more Canadian perspective on Catholics in new media.  What do you think of this slight change in direction? In this episode I discuss a number of Canadian Catholic blogs and podcasts including: The Society of Canadian Catholic Bloggers […]

Catholic Roundup 107


In this episode of the Catholic Roundup Podcast.   Soundseeing highlights from the celebration for the canonization of  Canadian Martyr’s Shrine in Midland, Ontario, featuring the Christian Island Drummers and clips from the homily. Song:  Happy Sunday by The Millettes, featuring Father Darryl Millette. An interview with Father Darryl Millette, about his pilgrimage to Rome and Asissi and […]

Catholic Roundup 106- Saint Kateri


On October 21, Pope Benedict the XVI will canonize Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha and a number of other saints in Rome.  Kateri Tekadwitha will be the first North American Native to be declared a saint. In this episode I welcome the return of George Leite and the Catholic Rockers Podcast after a 2 year hiatus. Paul […]

Catholic Roundup 105: Catholic Speaker Month, Spotlight on Chris Padgett


  In 2009, Matthew Warner spearheaded a very successful  Support a Catholic Speaker Month, where he enlisted 100 Catholic Bloggers to write about 100 Catholic speakers.  This year, Brandon Vogt, the author of The Church and New Media, is hosting Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012 with the same premise. I signed up to do […]

Catholic Roundup 104- Happy Birthday to us…


Shownotes for Catholic Roundup 104 1. Yesterday was the  5th anniversary of the start of the blog which became Catholic Roundup:  Welcome to A Catholic Canadian August 23, 2007 – 11:25 am 2.. Interview with Justin Stroh about his new digital album O Sacred Heart available on Itunes. 3 🙂 Baby Report: Matthew Warner from Flocknote and Fallible Blogma and his […]

Podcast Roundup on Blessed Kateri

Today, July 14, our friends in the United States commemorate the feast of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha.  In Canada, we commemorate her feast day on April 17.  She will be canonized this October 21, 2012. In honor of her feast day, I present a Roundup of Podcast and Video Links Where you Can find out more about […]