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Catholic Roundup 105: Catholic Speaker Month, Spotlight on Chris Padgett


  In 2009, Matthew Warner spearheaded a very successful  Support a Catholic Speaker Month, where he enlisted 100 Catholic Bloggers to write about 100 Catholic speakers.  This year, Brandon Vogt, the author of The Church and New Media, is hosting Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012 with the same premise. I signed up to do […]

Announcing the Catholic Roundup 100

It’s a little over four years since I began the Catholic Roundup, (then entitled ‘A Catholic Canadian’), because of a growing personal realization that it was possible to immerse oneself in a Catholic culture using online media– blogs, podcasts, video and websites.  Over the past four years, I have continued to seek out, support and […]

Subscribe Easily to the 2011 Catholic New Media Awards Winners

Brandon Vogt at the Thin Veil has published an unofficial list of the 2011 Catholic New Media Award Winners. UPDATE: Here is the official announcement of the 2011 Catholic New Media Awards winners. As is my custom, I have prepared an OPML Bundle of the websites and RSS feeds for all the Winners. I managed to […]

Review: The Third Testament

  The Third Testament, by John Eklund is a fictional tale about Fred Sankt, a widowed professor at a Catholic college who begins to have recurring dreams which lead him to believe that God is calling him to write the next testament of the bible. As he embarks upon this task, he is faced with […]

The Great Catholic Roundup Podcast Directory Pruning

I keep a perpetually incomplete directory of Catholic podcasts, blogs and websites on the Catholic Roundup site. It is perpetually incomplete because great new sites come online every day. On April 2, 2011 I did a great weeding to ensure the Catholic Podcast Listings were up to date. Sadly, as of April 2011, the long […]

Monday Reading: Letter of Pope John Paul II on the Rapid Development

Continuing with my study of Catholic Church teaching on social communications led me to the last apostolic letter of Pope John Paul II, The Rapid Development, which was released on January 24, 2005. In this letter, Pope John Paul II outlines some of the strengths of the Internet to enable people to reach out to […]

Howto: Watch Catholic Television Online

This winter, one of the recurring  topics of discussion during our parish basement coffee time after mass is the recent move by Bell Expressvu (Canadian Satellite Television)  to pull EWTN from it’s lineup.  This has been very upsetting for a number of my friends, particularly seniors.  Although we have Bell Expressvu service, I have never […]

Let’s dig into the Holy Father’s Message for World Communication’s Day

  When I launched 40 Days of Catholic Media, I mentioned that Mondays would be for discussions on spiritual reading of interest to people using new media to spread the Gospel.  On January 24, Pope Benedict XVI released his message for the 45th World Communications Day, 2011 – Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the […]