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This is a perpetually incomplete directory of Catholic podcasts, blogs and websites because great new sites come online every day.

On April 2, 2011 I did a great weeding to ensure the Catholic Podcast Listings were up to date.

As of April 2011, the long dormant Disciples with Microphones website no longer exists, so I have removed that category. I have added a category for Inactive Catholic Podcasts (Shows which are no longer in production but are still available). I completely removed shows with dead links from the listings. There are currently 147 Catholic Podcasts with recent episodes listed here and 67 Inactive shows. There is also a listing of 88 shows recommended on the recent Catholic Media Promotion Day on March 15.

Click on the folders to see the RSS Feeds and website links for each category.

I maintain these listings through Google Reader’s bundles feature, which creates an OPML file of all the feeds in each bundle. If you want to subscribe to all the feeds in a bundle, click on ‘get OPML’ below each category.


Catholic Podcasts OPML

Inactive Catholic Podcasts OPML

Catholic Media Promotion Day 2011 Recommended Podcasts OPML

Catholic Prayercasts OPML

Catholic Blogs OPML

Catholic News OPML

Canadian Catholic Sites OPML

I also keep an ongoing list of links tagged with catholicroundup on Delicious. If you know of a site that would interest other Catholics, tag it with ‘catholicroundup’ on delicious. Then I will see it and can add it to my links.


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