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We are pleased to announce that we have set up the Catholic Media Promo Bank. This page is a repository of all the Catholic podcast and blog promos, flyers, etc that I can get my hands on. This could be a useful resource for podcasters who wish to play Catholic podcast promos, or for podcast listeners who wish to find new podcasts.

Our goal at the Catholic Roundup has always been to help Catholics using new media to spread the Good News and to help other Catholics to find great Catholic resources online. If you have questions about setting up your Catholic blog or podcast, we are happy to help out.

A 1-3 minute audio promo is a great way to spread word about your podcast, blog or web resource. Podcasters are a sociable bunch and they are usually quite happy to play promos for other podcasts. A bit of your show music with some clips or a description of your show along with the website address are a good start. You can hear a promo for our show at .

I got many ideas for the focus of The Catholic Roundup from The Canadian Podcast Buffet, a podcast which serves as a community hub for the Canadian podcasting community. They have some solid promo guidelines at

Here are their guidelines adapted for my purposes.


Please attach a promo of no more than 120 seconds in the following

format: MP3, 44.1KHz, 128-bit (stereo or mono)

Once ready, please email your submission to

with the subject “PROMO: Your Show Name”.

Please email me with any questions you have setting up the website, podcast feed etc… I’m happy to help others use new media to share the Good News.

Catholic Media Promo Bank

The Following Catholic Podcasts are actively producing new episodes as of May 2012


XMLAmong Women Podcast

SubscribeCatechist Corner

XMLCatholic Creativity Podcast

XML Comments from the Koala

XMLCatholic Family Journal


XMLThe Catholic Foodie

XMLThe Catholic Laboratory Podcast


XMLCatholic Moments Podcast

XMLCatholic Music Express

XMLCatholic Pilot

XMLCatholic Roundup


SubscribeCatholic in a Small Town

Audio promo (February 2010) click here

XMLCatholic Vitamins

XMLCatholic Weekend

XMLDIAKONIA — A Blog By Deacon Pat Kearns

SubscribeDivine Office
Come to Our Assistance Promo
Hymn of Praise Divine Promo


XMLiPadre Catholic Podcast

XMLLive Out Loud podcast from Live WTL Ministries

XMLMy Audio Journal

XMLPaul’s Men Podcast


XMLThe SaintCast


XMLSpecial Chronicles Podcast

    Audio promo (Feb 2011)

, click here.

XMLUncommon Sense: The Podcast of the American Chesterton Society

XMLWhy I Am Catholic


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